Cranio-Sacral-Therapy is an independent form of bodywork that can bring about a dissolution of physical and energetic blockages. The brain and spinal cord swim in a fluid medium (“liquor”) that has its own rhythm. If the nature and vibration of this medium is disturbed, tension, stress, inflammation and trauma can be the cause. The consequences are usually expressed in the form of restricted movement and fixations.

In the course of a craniosacral therapy, existing restrictions of the system can be gently dissolved with the help of gentle manual techniques at fixed points such as the bones of the skull, the sacrum and the spine.

The system can be strengthened and harmonised by setting still points. Consequently, a profound self-healing process can also begin.

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“She has provided me with soothing relief from even the most severe tension in my neck and at the end of a busy day I have felt wonderfully relaxed after her treatment.”

Hanna Klink

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