Deep Tissue / Deep Bodywork® / Myofascial Release®

Many symptoms cannot be treated by superficial massages, conventional physiotherapy or purely neuro-muscular approaches. The causes often lie in hardenings and restrictions of the connective tissue, which can be released through targeted deep tissue techniques.

Deep Tissue, also called Deep Bodywork®, is a body-therapeutic individual treatment in which the three-dimensional fascia systems that weave through our body are specifically and differentiatedly placed in the focus of the treatment. Through precise manipulation (myofascial release) of deep-seated connective tissue restrictions, an attempt is made via the fascia system to have a balancing effect on the entire organism and to help it achieve new balance and vitality.

The results can range from improvements in the mobility and flexibility of the connective tissue, to relieving blocked joints, to dissolving stereotypical movement patterns.

Areas of application for deep massage include acute or chronic muscle tension, back and joint pain, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, headaches and migraines.

“The treatments are completely tailored to the individual and are discussed in detail. At all times you know what is being done and why. She answers questions openly and honestly at all times.”

Christina D.

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