That’s what my patients and regular clients say:

“Especially in these difficult times of the pandemic, it is very nice to actually be able to completely relax and enjoy a top professional treatment in a very intensively hygienic environment. I have been a patient at ART OF TOUCH for several years and can only recommend Mrs Heinl and her practice!”

Dale Goodwin

“Marikka Heinl is a gifted massage therapist. She has really healing hands. You will be treated in a very pleasant atmosphere and when you leave the beautiful practice relaxed, you are already looking forward to the next appointment.”

A. Niemann

“Ms. Heinl’s massages are unique. From 25 years of experience in enjoying massages of all kinds – whether in private massage practices, at the doctors or in wellness hotels – I can say that I have never found any treatment as beneficial as the massages from Ms Heinl. With an enormous range of different techniques and a great deal of sensitivity, she manages to relieve tension and target problem areas. And if it’s “just about pampering”, then you’re in the right place with her anyway. Dive in and enjoy – that’s the motto for me when I look forward to this pampering session once a week. The beautiful and lovingly as well as tastefully very aesthetically furnished rooms do the rest. Thank you very much Ms. Heinl!”

C. Hoffmann

“After an odyssey to various therapists and several types of therapy for a “frozen shoulder”, Ms Heinl was one of the very few who was able to provide me with really effective relief from my pain – with the help of a trigger point massage. She dealt intensively with the clinical diagnosis and always instructed me with additional exercises or made suggestions how to restore the mobility of my shoulder. Thank you so much for that!”

Anne R.

“Whether it’s a medical massage or a wellness treatment, Ms Heinl from ART OF TOUCH, with her wealth of experience, knows exactly what is needed in each situation. She has already provided me with soothing relief from the most severe tension in the neck area and at the end of a strenuous day I felt wonderfully relaxed after her treatment.

What is special about ART OF TOUCH is the knowledge that Ms. Heinl has built up over the years through her many qualifications and advanced training courses. If I can recommend a massage clinic in Munich, it is ART OF TOUCH.”

Hanna Klink

“For me, Mrs Heinl is “the woman with the magic hands”. She deals intensively with her customers – always asks how one is doing and works her magic where it hurts. She is also always happy to help with any other issue. Every visit at her practice is a pleasure and eases the pain.
Making appointments is easy and straightforward and you can always rely on her. The appointments take place as agreed and on time.
The practice is beautiful. Furnished with love and lots of nice little things (the card of the day, etc.) In the rooms you have a great view of the garden and can watch the birds and squirrels while you get a mud pack. Very relaxing. The atmosphere is very calming and pleasant.

Visiting ART OF TOUCH is a treat for all the senses.”

Dijana M.

“Ms Heinl is really great, you feel immediately at ease and have the feeling that you are in a great practice. She has a very calm, relaxing manner and is very careful that nothing is uncomfortable or hurts. The practice is on the one hand very sterile or hygienic, but also an absolute feel-good place where it smells nice and you can relax wonderfully. Highly recommended.”

Stephanie Lauer

A coincidence brought me to Ms Heinl. Due to severe back pain, I was looking for a suitable practice with my prescription for massages and came across ART OF TOUCH.

The telephone conversation with Ms Heinl was very friendly and an appointment was also possible at relatively short notice due to a very well organised therapist.
All in all, the appointments are flexible. That is already top!

The location of the massage practice is good, a five-minute walk from the Westfriedhof tram/underground station, next to Café Arezzo, opposite the Augustiner am Dante. The rooms are absolutely beautiful and lovingly decorated.

The anamnesis is done with interest and attention. It is not a case of “working off” a patient, but of “what can I do best for the patient”. Ms Heinl is incredibly competent, you notice that she simply knows what she is doing.

The treatments are completely tailored to the individual and are discussed in detail. You always know what is being done and why.

She answers questions openly and honestly at all times. She is just as ruthlessly honest with you. “You should move more and do sports” – that may not be what you want to hear. Nevertheless, you know she’s right and you feel bad just thinking about telling her next time that you didn’t take her advice to heart. Therefore: rethink, and: do it !

Her advice is valuable. Her treatment is absolutely top-notch.

She is a really excellent, friendly and competent massage therapist. I can recommend a treatment here without reservation.
I had almost thought myself and my back were a lost cause – but I was proved wrong.

I am grateful for a drastic improvement concerning my severe back pain (office job) and can therefore give nothing but 5 stars.”

Christina D.

“Finally: really good massages!

I go for a massage for two reasons: when I have back-pain and for wellness reasons. ART OF TOUCH is great for both.

I had severe muscular back pain and luckily found ART OF TOUCH nearby. The massage was fantastic. Not only did I feel much better, but in addition to the (I’ll call it that now) medical aspect, Ms Heinl, the owner of the clinic, also has some really good techniques in store to make me feel comfortable. Because of this combination, me- and in the meantime also my wife – are regular customers. In other words, we treat ourselves to a little time-out every fortnight at the weekend (great: Saturday appointments!). It is like a mini-holiday. In addition, the general conditions are great. The massagetables are very good, Ms Heinl makes sure that you don’t feel cold and that your feet and head are comfortable.

When I think of all the wellness hotels we’ve been to and how the massages were there: always ok, but only average compared to Ms Heinl.”

Marco P.

“For several years now, I have always enjoyed coming for a massage. Ms Heinl knows how to engage with her clients and find the points that need special attention, even those that you are not really aware of yourself. For me, a treatment at her practice is like a short break from everyday life. For me, leaving the practice is like going back into another world. With the beautiful relaxing music in the background and the pleasant furnishing of the rooms, I already feel relaxed as I prepare for the treatment.

I find it a great advantage that Ms Heinl can combine many types of massage, this is where I personally derive my greatest benefit. It’s also not the first time I’ve given a gift-voucher and they are always very popular. Even friends who live outside Munich now come to ART OF TOUCH.

I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.”

Sven Jäger


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