Hot Stone / LaStone® Therapy

LaStone® Therapy  is the original full-body-treatment from USA. It defines itself as a combination of massage, energy work and the application of stones of different temperatures, with which a completely new body feeling can be created. During the treatment, the client lies down on some of the warm stones. Others are placed on the energy centres (chakras) of the body while it is oiled and massaged alternately with “hot” lava basalt stones and ice-cooled marble stones.

Hot Stone is the shorter version where the back, neck and arms will be massaged with hot stones.

In this way, even stubborn and painful tensions can be released, stress relieved and the entire organism recharged with new energy and vitality.

“Ms Heinl’s massages are unique. From 25 years of experience in enjoying massages of all kinds – whether in private massage practices, at the doctors or in wellness hotels – I can say that I have never found any treatment as beneficial as the massages from Ms Heinl.”

C. Hoffmann

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