Pregnancy Massage

This special massage for pregnant women  in all stages of pregnancy is an adapted version of the Esalen Massage. You might feel discomfort or pain while your body is changing or just want to do something especially good for yourself and the baby. With gentle strokes, holistic grips and soothing oils,  e.g. hips and and the back (both typical points of discomfort) can be relaxed and you can feel at ease.

Pregnancy massage can alleviate discomfort as well as put the body and psyche of the mother-to-be into a state of absolute rest, and be equally beneficial for mother and baby.

Particulary close to my heart is the perfect positioning for the expectant mother  to receive and enjoy a deeply relaxing feel-good massage. 

The high-quality and unique “Original bodyCushion” from USA makes a comfortable, well-supported abdominal positioning possible.

The Original bodyCushion for Pregnancy – YouTube

“Wonderful, helping treatments in a beautiful ambience. Been a client for over 10 years and very enthusiastic.”

Alexandra Dörrie

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